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:milky_way: What is Yuriverse?

Yuriverse is a key feature of Mana which is loved by many users. It is a feature that is part of the timely images package of Mana which allows her to send an image to a specific Discord channel at a timely manner.

:rocket: How to activate?

To enroll in the feature, you first have to head to the Discord channel where Mana will send the images please check that she permission to attach images and send messages before running the command.

yuriverse bind

After which, the bot should send a message that confirms the binding of the feature onto the channel.

:stars: How to deactivate?

To deactivate the feature is the same method as before except the command is a server-wide command which means you don’t have to go to the same channel to disable it. For the command to disable, it is simply.

yuriverse unbind

:watch: Is Mana sending too slow or too fast for you?

If the default 80 minutes sending time of Mana is too fast for you, feel free to configure the frequency or speed of how fast Mana should send the images (by default, this is 80 minutes) through:

yuriverse speed

You can read more about the info on here.

:grin: How to change the NSFW filter?

You can change the NSFW filter of Mana through the command:

yuriverse filter

There are three different filter levels of Mana but we highly recommend sticking with the EXTREME one which filters the images through three different phases or layers with one of them being artifical intelligence filtering and two other being internal common pattern filters.

The three filter levels of Mana can be read here.