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:star: Timely Images

Mana has a set amount of timely images features that servers can opt-in to bring in timely (configurable, default: every 80 minutes) anime images like Waifus or Yuri images that many likes.

:gear: General Command Format

All of these timely images share the same command format (command_name [bind/filter/unbind/status/speed/help]) with each options definition being:

  • bind: This is used to bind the feature onto the specific channel where you ran the command.
  • unbind: This is opposite of bind in which it unbinds the feature from the channel, stopping images from being sent.
  • status: This is used to check the status of the feature (Yuriverse/WaifuWorld).
  • speed: This is used to configure the speed of the images being sent. (20 minutes, 40 minutes, 60 minutes, 80 minutes, 120 minutes, 240 minutes)
  • filter: This is used to configure the filter level of the images with the default being EXTREME. (No filter (REQURES NSFW CHANNEL), Medium filter, Extreme (default) filter)

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