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:innocent: Grabbing the emojis from a message.

As a frequent user of the mobile client of Discord, it is hard for me to collect an emoji’s image from a message since the option to copy the link of the emoji is only available through desktop but this command changes everything as it will help you collect the emojis from a messaage.

:satisfied: How to retrieve the emojis from a message?

There are several methods, we will go through each method step by step.

• The first method is by sending us the message id along with the channel where the message is located.

emoji retrieve [message-id] [#channel]

To use this step, you need to enable Discord Developer mode which is harmless, finding the setting is simple, head to your User Settings then inside, find Behavior and once you are inside, there should be an option called Developer Mode that is no checked yet.

Message ID can be retrieved long-pressing a message with emojis and scrolling deep down and pressing the Copy ID button.

#channel refers to the channel where the message was sent, this is a required option since we cannot find the message without the channel.

• The second method is by sending the message link instead.

emoji retrieve [discord link to message]

:gear: Referencing messages to get emojis

You can reference messages to grab the emojis from there as seen on the photo below, this also applies for steal command.