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:smiley: Emoji Migration

Ever grown tired of manually inserting all the emojis yourself, downloading them from your other server and readding them to your new server… what if you could go faster? That is what Emoji Migration command is for.

:innocent: How to migrate an emoji from one server to another?

You can grab another server’s emoji easily and import it into your server through a specialized command which is called steal cough which allows you to add 20 emojis per request (for non-Premium, Premium users have a higher limit)

steal [emoji/s]

An example usage would be:

steal 😀😃😁

Image example of the following:

Emoji Steal

You can also attach an image when running this command like what is shown below.

Emoji Image Steal

You can also steal an emoji from another message by replying to the message with the steal command, for example:

Emoji Message Steal

:gear: Options

There are also options when running this command, for example, you can run. For example, setting a defined name for the emoji.

steal [emoji/s] --name [name]

The –name option will set all the emojis that will be added’s name into what is defined.

:watch: Your image too large?

In case your image is far above 256 kilobytes, we offer a free compression service which can be ran multiple times for free.


Run this command while attaching the image.


:newspaper: Important Notes

The first method where you mention the emoji attached requires you have to NITRO which is a Discord limitation. You can ask a friend to spam emojis for you and use the last method which is replying to each spammed emoji which is a bypass.