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:wave: Leave Messages

If you have read the welcome message part, you do not have to read everything here. All you have to know is instead of config welcome, you are using config leave for this one.

:wrench: How to setup?

To setup the leave function, there are several procedures into doing this.

  1. Setup the channel where the bot will send the leave messages.
    config leave channel #channel
  2. Setup the leave message.
    config leave set leave <mention> to <server>!
    You are our special <userCount>th member!

:book: Message Patterns

You may have seen a little while ago about those weird patterns being thrown at the leave messages, those are called placeholders and their purpose is obvious, to be a placeholder for the value they represent.

There are several of them, here is a list of them and their meaning:

  • <mention> To mention the user who is the focus of the event.
  • <server> To mention the name of the server.
  • <userCount> To mention the amount of users in the server (including the user).

If you want to suggest more patterns, feel free to send them to me via the Discord Server or GitHub

:o: Disable

There are two disable options for the function, one is for erasing the leave message (which is used for when you want to use a leave image only) and the other is disabling the entire function (which will only remove the channel).

To erase the leave message, set it to none:

config leave set none

To disable the feature, use the following command:

config leave disable