# 🌏 What is WaifuWorld?

Waifu World is a key feature of Mana which is loved by many users. It is a feature that is part of the timely images package of Mana which allows her to send an image to a specific Discord channel every quarter.

# 🚀 How to activate?

To enroll in the feature, you first have to head to the Discord channel where Mana will send the images please check that she permission to attach images and send messages before running the command.

waifuworld bind

After which, the bot should send a message that confirms the binding of the feature onto the channel.

# 🌠 How to deactivate?

To deactivate the feature is the same method as before except the command is a server-wide command which means you don't have to go to the same channel to disable it. For the command to disable, it is simply.

waifuworld unbind

# ⌚️ How to see when the next image will be sent?

The scheduling for all the images is global within the bot shards, you can check your shard's next package drop or image drop by using the command.

waifuworld status