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# 📖 About Mana

Mana is a Discord bot that is built using Javacord by a single developer, Shindou Mihou with its initial purpose was to replace the functionalities of other bots but slowly turned into a Discord bot that focuses on the anime community more.

# 💻 Features

  • Yuriverse, one of the main attractions of Mana which is its hourly (quarterly for Premium users) Yuri (or Shoujo-Ai) images.
  • WaifuWorld, another of the main attractions which derived from Yuriverse but instead of Yuri, it sends Waifu images at an quarterly basis.
  • Anime Pictures, the bot can provide anime pictures almost immediately through either slash commands or message commands example: pa.waifu
  • Welcome/Leave Messages, the bot can replace your current welcome/leave Discord bot with image support, reducing your bot count.
  • Warnings, you can also use the bot to give out warnings to other users!
  • Emoji Migration, you can add emojis from other servers directly to your server without much hassle, this saves a lot of time for many mobile users!
  • And many more, try them out!

# 💭 Discord

Have any questions with the bot, feel free to head to our Discord server (opens new window)!