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:book: About Mana

Mana is a Discord bot that is built using Javacord by a single developer, Shindou Mihou with its initial purpose was to replace the functionalities of other bots but slowly turned into a Discord bot that focuses on the anime community more.

:wave: Introduction

You have arrived at the Library of Mana!

This guide will help you setup Mana to your liking for your Discord server!

🎆 Before reading further!

All of the commands do not have a prefix mentioned as Mana has customizable prefixes which means the prefix may differ by server, please append the prefix to the commands that are shown on any of the pages, for example:


If you have the prefix pa. which is the default prefix, then please add:

:clipboard: Structure

The guide is divided into several categories with each category focusing on a certain part of Mana.

  • Hourly Images focuses on helping you activate the hourly/quarterly images of the bot.
  • Welcome/Leave focuses on setting up the Welcome/Leave messages of the bot.
  • Emoji focuses on Emoji Migration functions.

:thought_balloon: Discord

Have any questions with the bot, feel free to head to our Discord server!

:computer: Features

  • Yuriverse, one of the main attractions of Mana which is its hourly (quarterly for Premium users) Yuri (or Shoujo-Ai) images.
  • WaifuWorld, another of the main attractions which derived from Yuriverse but instead of Yuri, it sends Waifu images at an quarterly basis.
  • Anime Pictures, the bot can provide anime pictures almost immediately through either slash commands or message commands example: pa.waifu
  • Welcome/Leave Messages, the bot can replace your current welcome/leave Discord bot with image support, reducing your bot count.
  • Warnings, you can also use the bot to give out warnings to other users!
  • Emoji Migration, you can add emojis from other servers directly to your server without much hassle, this saves a lot of time for many mobile users!
  • And many more, try them out!

:thought_balloon: Discord

Have any questions with the bot, feel free to head to our Discord server!